Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Up House

Recently, I went to see the Up house in Herriman, UT with Marilyn and Molly in a young women activity in their ward. We got in for free because the stake president is the guy who built this house. Pretty nice to not have to pay for it.

My first impression of the house was just as a excited as everyone else. It is such a cute house, and just like the movie. Carl and Russel were there too! Too bad there wasn't Doug. I love little talking Doug.

The pictures aren't doing it justice because my phone doesn't have high resolution. But it's nice to live just 5 minutes away, I could come back and take more pictures later.

My favorite part of the house is the kitchen. Don't you just love the retro looks? I would totally bought these appliances if they were any near affordable :)

The living room looks just like the one in the movie. They even got the little red bird and the chairs!


Love that wall paper

And the cute baby room

I was surprised at how many visitors they've got on a typical Wednesday night. The ticket guy said we were in the 950's. There was still other people flocking around when we left. They must have over a thousand visitors that night, easily.

On the side note, I've been busy working on my little garden. It's so much fun, and the best thing is to enjoy the hard work being paid off. I can just go outside and pick fresh veggies for my salad anytime.

Tossed in some chicken, olive, Parmesan cheese, and homemade pomegranate vinegar dressing